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Digital thermometers were recently introduced in our production halls to regulate the heating systems more efficiently and contribute to sustainability. This measure marks a significant step forward in our efforts to implement energy-efficient solutions and reduce our environmental footprint.

The new digital thermometers provide more precise and automated control of heating systems throughout the building. Through continuous measurements and real-time data, they allow room temperatures to be adjusted more accurately according to actual needs and usage times. This not only helps to improve comfort for our employees, but also significantly reduces energy consumption.

The switch to digital thermometers offers several advantages in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. Precise temperature control optimizes energy consumption, which leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions while lowering operating costs. In addition, digital systems enable better monitoring and analysis of energy consumption, which allows us to take more targeted measures to further improve energy efficiency.

The introduction of these digital thermometers is a further step in our commitment to sustainable business management. We will continue to strive to implement innovative technologies and solutions to maximize our contribution to environmental protection and promote a livable future for generations to come.